About WebhookInbox

WebhookInbox is a web service and website that receives HTTP requests from external sources and stores the data of those requests for later retrieval. Each inbox is represented by a generated URL, which can be passed to other applications for use. If you're developing a service that makes HTTP callbacks, WebhookInbox can be used as a convenient way to examine what you're sending. Incoming request data is displayed on the WebhookInbox website in realtime as it happens.

There is also a REST API available, meaning WebhookInbox can be used programmatically, for example by a browser app wishing to receive HTTP callbacks.

The URLs generated by WebhookInbox can even be used with PubSubHubbub. You can create an inbox and subscribe its target URL to a PubSubHubbub service, and feed updates will be delivered to the inbox.

WebhookInbox is open source. You can run your own instance if you'd like. It is built with Django, Redis, Pushpin, and AngularJS.